In an emergency, always call 999.

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As a public Sector organisation we are constantly seeking feedback to help us improve our services to all the communities we serve. To improve our services further, it would help us if you could spare a few minutes to tell us more about yourself. This information is for monitoring purposes only, it is not connected to your name or contact details and is totally confidential.

Here are some of our most useful phone numbers

General Enquiries

0845 5000 900

Training Enquiries

0121 380 6516

Safe & Well visits

0800 389 5525

Fire Safety

0121 380 7500

Customer Care

0121 380 6067


0121 380 6429

The numbers above are only answered during office hours. If you’d like to get in touch out of these hours, why dont you drop us a message

Corporate Communications,
West Midlands Fire Service Headquarters
99 Vauxhall Road,
Birmingham B7 4HW

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Maybe we’ve already answered your question? See our FAQ’s here

How can I contact my local station?

Have a look on our Station Finder where you can find the phone number, e-mail, address and social media accounts for all 38 of our fire stations.

How can I book a Safe and Well check with firefighters?

Get in touch with our Contact Centre, free, on 0800 389 5525.

How do I become a firefighter?

Unfortunately we’re not currently recruiting for firefighters, but you can find more information on the Role of a Firefighter in our Careers section.

I'm concerned about the fire safety measures at a business, how can I make a complaint?

General Enquiries

0845 500 900

Either call our team on 0121 380 7500 where our Admin team will direct you to the correct specialist officer, or send an e-mail to