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Remember though, in an emergency ALWAYS dial 999

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you must see this a lot, but we really do believe most of the questions our communities ask us, will be in our frequently asked questions. Give it a try first and it might save you having to ring us!

If not though, scroll on down for other ways to get in touch!

Social Media

We’re on social media, so if your question or comment isn’t urgent, then why not get in touch via Facebook or Twitter?

We’ve also got accounts on Youtube and Instagram, so be sure to give us a follow as well!

If not though, scroll on down for other ways to get in touch!

If you’re looking to get in touch with one of our stations via social media, then go over to our fire stations page and you’ll find their Twitter account on their page profile

Click the links above or search for us on social media, our handle is always


Contact Forms

We get quite a lot of phone calls, and sometimes they aren’t urgent or need to be directed to specialist teams. If you can spend a moment to complete the right contact form from the choices below, we’ll route it directly to the team in our service you need, so you should get a response quicker.

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There may be times when you think we haven’t delivered the service you expect.

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Safe and Well

Want a safe and well visit for your home?

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General enquiries

Got a general enquiry?

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Call us

If none of our other options to get in touch are any good, of course, you can always give us a call.

Different areas of our service have different numbers though, so we’ve listed the most common ones we get asked for below. If none of these can help, you can always call our general number.

Remember though, if it’s an emergency ALWAYS dial 999.

Home and Business Safety

Fire Safety

Home Safe and Well

Public and Media Relations

Public Relations

Press Enquiries

Website and Social Media



Accounts Payable/Receivable

Education, Commercial Training and Volunteering


Commercial Training Enquiries



ICT Department


General Pension Enquiries

Pension (Surnames A to L)

Pension (Surnames M to Z)

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