Railway Safety

Trains are a hugely important part of the West Midlands’ transport network, with hundreds of thousands of people using them to get around every day.

Railway lines can also be dangerous places, though, with one person dying on them nearly every day in the UK.

Here are some of our top tips to keep safe:

  • stay well back from the platform edge and, if there’s a yellow or white line, make sure you’re behind it.
  • if the barriers are down at a level crossing, or if the warning lights are flashing, don’t go around or try to cross the tracks, even if you can’t see a train
  • never dangle or hang anything from a railway bridge – the electricity to overhead cables is never turned off, can jump across a big gap and could be enough to kill you
  • don’t trespass onto the tracks. It’s extremely dangerous, and you could also get a fine or a criminal record. Use a footbridge, subway or level crossing instead.
  • avoid using skateboards, rollerblades or bike – you could lose control and end up on the tracks.