Since 2006, all businesses have been responsible for fire safety on their own premises.

Our Fire Safety teams enforce the fire safety law, which aims to see that you are kept safe in case of fire, wherever you are and whatever you do, while you are not in your home.  Whether you are at work, at play or generally ‘out and about’, our fire safety officers check that those responsible are protecting your safety, and to keep businesses in business.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to almost all places, except domestic premises, so no matter where you are or what you are doing, we are on-hand to make sure that if fire breaks out, you, your family and everyone else can safely escape.

The government short guide to making your premises safe from fire is a good place to start if you’re new to fire safety.

The ‘responsible person’ for each premises must carry out a fire risk assessment, take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape.

For simple premises you may choose to carry out the fire risk assessment yourself, and can download our fire risk assessment template to help.

If your premises are large or complex, have a look at the specific government guide for your building which we’ve provided below. You should also seek to appoint a competent person to help you carry out a fire risk assessment. Have a look at this national guide to help find an assessor with the appropriate skills and competencies.

Better Regulation for Businesses

Whether you run a business, are an employee or a member of the public, we are committed to providing you with an efficient, courteous and helpful service and this document tells you how we will achieve these aims and what standards we will meet. Our Regulatory Service Standards tell you what you can expect from the Fire and Rescue Authority.

Our Enforcement Policy Statement explains how we do about our enforcement work. It aims to explain our approach to fire safety and promoting public safety in our communities. It also explains the behaviours that business can expect to receive from us and the legal constraints and frameworks under which we operate. Most importantly, we are approachable and want to engage with and hear from you.

You can expect an efficient and professional service from us in all our dealings with you. While we aim to carry out all our activities in a way that supports you to provide safety to people in case of fire, we are also there to help you if you encounter problems or if we get it wrong. You will find us willing to discuss why we have acted in a particular way or made particular requirements. If you think we have in some way got it wrong for you, we would like to know. Our Appeals, Challenges and Complaints Procedure sets out how you can have your say.