Have a look out our Fire Safety Advice for People with Disabilities which has been developed for people with sight, hearing and mobility difficulties. It provides practical advice and top tips which will help protect you from the risk of fire. We’ve also got a number of videos to help members of the deaf community to get in touch with us, and to keep safe.

The Support Team
The Support Team is made up of staff from West Midlands Fire Service, who have BSL skills and have received training in deaf awareness. We provide help and support for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

This team also promotes Deaf awareness within the West Midlands Fire Service

What we can offer:

  • Fire Safety education
  • free Safe and Well Checks
  • Installation of deaf and hard of hearing smoke alarms

You can contact the team as follows:

Text phone users or SMS text 07973 709 560

0121 380 7201

0800 389 5525

Chippanfire_0_0Important NEVER tackle a fire yourself!




In an emergency you can call the Fire Service by:

Typetalk 18000

Emergency Text Service (click on this link to register)

Get a person to dial 999 for you

There are several ways to contact the Fire Service if there is no emergency:

0800 389 5525

Text phone users or SMS text 07973 709 560

0121 380 7201

We offer free Safe and Well checks in your home where our staff will call and offer advice on kitchen safety, smoking materials, electrical safety, escape plans and much more. If you use British Sign Language, we have staff who can sign the information for you.

As well as giving you essential fire safety advice we may also fit smoke alarms that fit your needs as a deaf or hard of hearing person. This could save the lives of you and your family.

To book a free Safe and Well check, e-mail deafcommunityteam@wmfs.net