We use plugs and sockets every day, and probably don’t think much about them – why would you? But they’re an important part of keeping yourself safe at home. It’s worth getting into a routine to do some occasional checks:

  • Are your sockets overloaded? Use the Calculator to find out. Only use one adaptor per socket.
  • Are your plugs getting hot when in use? It could be a sign of loose wiring or electrical problems. This could also be the case if you have scorch marks or fuses that regularly blow.
  • Do any of your cables look frayed, or can you see any coloured cables within? Change it immediately.
  • In line with government advice we don’t recommend using plug socket covers – all plug sockets installed after 1947 are considered safe and include internal shutters to prevent children from poking objects into them


How old is the wiring around your home? If it’s over ten years old, we’d advise getting it checked by a qualified electrician.

You should get into the habit of regularly checking the electrical intake to your property.