Priorities and Objectives

Making the West Midlands Safer,
Stronger and Healthier

Prevention Priority

Safer & Healthier Communities

  • Activities targeted to those at risk will reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured as a result of fire
  • Activities will support a reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads
  • Supporting communities and partners to promote and advise on safer, healthier lifestyles in their homes

Protection Priority

Stronger Business Communities

  • Business communities will become safer through working in partnership with Fire Safety teams to protect their people, organisation and property
  • Business communities will become stronger through flexible approaches of working together and receiving proportionate and consistent advice
  • The Service Delivery Model will be more resilient and the impact of automatic re alarms decreased through innovative approaches to call reduction

Response Priority

Dealing Effectively with Emergencies

  • Life risk emergencies will be attended on average within 5 minutes
  • Risk to life and property is reduced through operational excellence and the delivery of assertive, safe and effective emergency response resulting in enhanced community and business continuity
  • Community support and reassurance will be provided through our specialist rescue teams responding to both local and national emergencies
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Effective Delivery Through Collaboration

    Value for Money Outcomes

  • Government funding reductions are met and our Service Delivery Model is maintained
  • Flexible and sustainable funding opportunities are identi ed and secured
  • Assets are used as effectively and ef ciently as possible

    People Outcomes

  • Leadership and personal accountability at all levels will be empowered to effectively deliver change.
  • Developing an environment of wellbeing through supporting the personal resilience of our workforce so that they are responsive to opportunities of change
  • The service will achieve diversity, Inclusion, cohesion and equality outcomes for its diverse community and workforce

    ICT Outcomes

  • Emergency 999 systems to mobilise and enable rapid response when and where it is needed
  • The right level of information is provided to our communities and our mobile workforce at the right time
  • Secure and reliable data sharing with partner agencies enables cost effective joined up services to the most vulnerable within our communities