We spend more than £12 million a year procuring supplies, works and services from a range of different businesses. As with all government organisations, we’ve got a legal duty to make sure we find the most cost-effective, value-for-money solutions. The way we do this is governed by our own standing orders, financial regulations and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015).

You can register for free with the Bluelight EU Supply electronic system which will allow you to tender for our contracts and view contract documentation.

Procurement Thresholds (From 1 January 2018)

Value of Purchase Procurement Process
Below £3,000 Obtain 3 quotations if possible
£3,000 – £25,000 3 written quotations
£25,000- £100,000 3 formal Quotations
In excess of £100,000 Formal tender to at least 3 suppliers
Goods or services in excess of £181,302 Formal tender (in accordance with PCR 2015)
Works or construction in excess of £4,551,413 Formal tender (in accordance with PCR 2015)

Where the estimated value of the contract is expected to exceed the relevant EU threshold, it must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU.) Rules promoting non-discriminatory and transparent competition must also be followed – PCR 2015 specifies the timescales around this

Map of the brigade areaApproved Lists

We used approved suppliers lists for building, construction and maintenance supply or service contracts valued below the EU threshold, with a tenders list being produced for each contract. Generally each tender list will consist of six companies: three companies will be selected based upon previous performance, and three will be selected by rotation from the approved list. The rotation element is strictly managed so that every contractor on the approved lists will be given the opportunity to tender for work. Whilst no guarantee can be given, companies will be given the opportunity to tender for future contracts in the categories for which they are approved as these projects evolve. The frequency of the invitation will depend on the number of companies on the list, and the number of contracts sought for that category.

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Equality and Diversity

As an equal opportunities employer we’re committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of sex, age, race or disability. We’re also obliged to ensure that diversity matters are embraced in all our other activities, and procurement is no exception. We seek to ensure that our contractors and suppliers satisfy their legal and ethical obligations.

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