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I’d like firefighters to visit to our local community group or to come to a station, how can I organise this?

Our firefighters can sometimes organise visits for local community groups for them to find out more about our role, our equipment and vehicles and to give out general or specialised safety advice.

Some of the groups we can organise visits with are Scouts, Beavers, religious and senior citizens groups. All visits, either by our crews or to our stations are subject to the availability of our crews, however, and formal educational visits to schools and operational activity would always take priority.

To organise a visit by a fire crew or to one of our stations, please use the following contact details based on your area. Emails are preferred as our teams receive a lot of enquiries.


0121 380 7510

Coventry and Solihull

0121 380 7520

Black Country

0121 380 7530



Do you fill ponds and swimming pools?

We do not provide services to commercial companies or the public for filling ponds, pools, lakes or other areas. Because our resources are limited, we have to prioritise emergency incidents.

There are exceptional circumstances where we will aid agencies such as the Environment Agency in emergency situations that affect wildlife or the environment, but these are rare and at the discretion of the service, typically they would incur a ‘special service call’ charge.


I am raising funds for charity; can the fire service donate a prize or take part in an event?

The fire service is committed to emergency response and community safety; therefore, we do not always have the capacity to support charitable events other than our support for The Firefighters charity.

For other charity events, our support is entirely discretionary, the Station Commander for that area has the final say, taking into account other station and emergency activities. If you wish your charity event to be considered for fire service attendance, please contact your local station for details. This can be done via our fire stations page.

Please be aware that if we are able to assist you, a share of the profits we help generate, normally 51% will be donated to the “Firefighters charity”.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate prizes to charitable causes and are also unable to provide a fire engine to escort charitable runners and walkers.


I am organising a party for a family member, can I book a fire engine to attend?

The key focus for our crews is building healthier, safer and stronger communities through response, prevention and protection. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to attend private parties. However, we wish you every success with your celebrations!

If you do want to hire a fire engine for your celebrations, there may be other options available privately. Try searching ‘fire engine hire’ in your preferred search engine


Are there refreshments available for community room bookings?

Most community rooms have a kitchenette with cold water, kettle and cups available, we will let you know about this when you book.

The on-duty firefighters may be able to provide tea, coffee, milk, sugar and squash. There would be a charge for this.

Please let us know your requirements when you book, and we will check availability. You are welcome to bring your own ingredients, and we ask that all items are taken with you at the end of your booking.

We do not provide hot or cold food; however, you are welcome to bring your own food or order a buffet to be delivered. We ask that all food is cleared away and unused items taken with you at the end of your booking.

Alcohol cannot be bought onto or consumed on any fire service premises. Smoking is not permitted in any fire service buildings; however, outside smoking shelters are provided.