Senior Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team (SLT) is dedicated to guiding the shape and direction of our service and ensuring that we’re meeting our legal responsibilities.

Comprising a diverse group of managers across various departments. We have profiles for each member and this one, for Richard, tells you about them, their areas of responsibility and more.


Our Leadership

Richard Stanton - Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Director for People
Assistant Chief Fire Officer

Richard Stanton

Director for People

Preferred pronouns

Skill set and experience

Richard is responsible for several people-related functions, including People Support Services, Workforce Planning, recruitment and advancement, Learning and Development, and Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality (DICE). He has wide-ranging experience in portfolio/project management, change and transformation, health and safety and incident command.

Professional qualifications or memberships

During his time in the fire service, Richard has completed two degrees at Coventry University – in Applied Leadership, and Management and Organisational Leadership

Interests and hobbies

Richard is a proud father of four children, a patron of a children’s charity and keen motorsport enthusiast.

Work history

His fire and rescue service career has spanned more than two decades. He began as a firefighter in Coventry. Later, as Station Commander, he worked at four Birmingham fire stations, and in Specialist Response and Corporate Communications. He went on to become Group Commander (Operations) for Coventry, and Head of Portfolio.

He successfully was appointed to the role of Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Director for People in August 2023.