Our COVID-19 Safety Advice

Our safety advice, links and useful info to follow while we’re affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

General Advice

We are asking everyone to be extra careful, to avoid fires happening in the first place.

If you’re at home because you’re ill or self-isolating, please take extra care if you’re cooking. Most house fires start in the kitchen. Always ‘Watch what you heat’.

Switch off any electrical items you’re not using.

If you use a charger, for a phone or laptop for example, don’t leave it plugged in and switched on when you’re asleep or not using it.

And if you use a portable heater, remember not to put it close to things that could easily catch fire, like bedding, clothes, soft furnishings or curtains.

If you smoke, be extra vigilant. Keep matches and lighters away from children, and double-check that your cigarette is properly extinguished. Try not to smoke if you’ve been drinking alcohol, and avoid smoking in bed or if you’re feeling sleepy. If you can do so safely, smoke outdoors.

Whenever possible, especially when you’re asleep, keep all internal doors closed. This helps to stop fire spreading.

If a fire does happen, don’t be tempted to tackle it yourself. Get out (closing doors as you go), stay out and call 999.

We will update this page when we have any further information to add.  

 Please share these messages with friends and family, wherever they are. 

Business Safety Advice

 Here’s our general advice to help you try to keep your business premises, staff and visitors safe from fire. 

 These buttons also link to other helpful areas of our website. 

Fire Safety AdviceFire risk assessment guidanceReport a fire safety issue
A graphic of a city scape with buses, trains and a skyline
  • if you’ve re-opened after lockdown, you must ensure that your fire risk assessment is up to date and reflects any changes you have made to enable your business to operate. Please also see the information on our fire safety page
  • are your fire alarms and emergency lighting working properly?
  • are your staff fully briefed on fire safety – for example, your evacuation procedures?
  • are your fire doors and exits accessible and properly signed?
  • if your premises are unoccupied, ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off and the plugs are removed from sockets
  • consider the impact of waste storage and build-up, which could pose a fire risk
  • think about how any reduced maintenance provision for your premises could cause a fire risk
  • for healthcare, care homes and similar sites with specialist staged evacuation procedures
  • ensure you have sufficient staffing levels to maintain your procedures effectively
  • review your emergency plan and risk assessments to ensure the safety of any visitors
  • contact us if you believe you may experience difficulties evacuating visitors, patients or residential areas due to low staffing
  • if a fire does occur, dial 999 at the earliest opportunity and inform our operators that an evacuation is in progress.

Please share these messages with colleagues, staff and responsible persons, wherever relevant.

You can click here to read and download our fire safety advice for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Advice

You should follow the advice issued by the government on coronavirus (COVID-19). You can visit their website using the button below.

Government advice and guidance

For medical guidance or help, visit the NHS website first for guidance or in an emergency dial 999. You can visit the NHS website with the button below.

NHS Medical Guidance