The West Midlands is home to some of the biggest entertainment, events and recreational venues in the country. Of course, we want delegates, fans and worshippers to be able to relax, unwind and reflect, but to be able to do so knowing they’re safe. Building design plays a keep role in fire safety, but only if alongside a robust set of procedures to reduce the risk of fire as well as knowing what to do should the worst happen.

Open air events and venues

Venue design, workers, contractors, stage constructions and marquees are just some of the issues to consider when organising an open-air event.

Good planning leads to effective fire safety, and it should start at the same time as the rest of the planning.

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Theatres, cinemas and similar

Did you know that the public shouldn’t generally be admitted to your premises if you know that the detection and alarm system isn’t working?

By their nature, theatres, cinemas and similar venues have large amounts of people in a restricted amount of space.

Should the worse happen, every second counts in making sure everybody gets out safely.

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Small and medium-sized places of assembly

Pub, clubs, religious buildings and village halls are a few of the places that might class as a small place of assembly.

Escape routes should be designed to ensure, as far as possible, that any person confronted by fire anywhere in the building should be able to turn away from it and escape to a place of reasonable safety.

From there they should be able to go directly to a place of total safety, away from the building.

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Large places of assembly

For large places of assembly, the fire and rescue service should be called to every outbreak of fire. These include buildings such as sports stadia, exhibition and conference centres, and shopping malls.

Constant checks are needed while the public is present, and again after they have left. Where your premises or parts of your premises are either hired or leased, then the management responsibilities of the hirer should be defined.

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