Business Safety

Fire safety for businesses is more complex than home safety and is regulated by various government Orders and Acts. It is very much dependant on the type of premises, it’s location, what services it provides, the number of occupants or customers and much more.

For more information on fire safety for businesses, to include general guidance, fire risk assessment help, appeals and more please visit our fire safety section.

For premises specific guides around fire safety, please scroll on down!

Government guides

The government provides specific guides for various different types of premises. For premises specific guides around fire safety, please click the relevant button below.

Health and education premises
Commercial and sleeping premises
Entertainment and event premises
Call challenge and fire alarm policy

Interested in a Safe and Strong visit? These visits, carried out by local fire crews, offer advice to reduce the risk of fire in your business.

Safe and Strong

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is an important part of our work keeping the communities of the West Midlands safe. We have lots of information to help keep commercial, business and public premises/workplaces safe. Some, like fire risk assessments, are the responsibility of the premises owner, manager or responsible person.

Visit our Fire Safety page for information on ensuring your business stays within the law.

Fire Safety

Do you or your employees need training in using a fire extinguisher, first aid or other commercial courses? Check out our training courses!

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