Register your products

When you’re buying home appliances or electronics, online or from a store, it’s important you register them with the manufacturer. It helps them to contact you if something’s wrong.

Why register goods?

Whether it’s a new fridge or mobile, dishwasher or games console, it’s important that you register your goods with the manufacturer. Sometimes they need to let consumers know of safety issues with products – but if you don’t register your contact details, how else will they reach you?

As well as peace of mind, you often get extra bonuses for registering, such as extended warranties.

Below, we’ve listed some of the bigger makers of household appliances and electronics in the UK, with links to their product registration pages.

Our list isn’t exhaustive so, if you can’t find the make of your item, you should still try to register your goods with them directly (perhaps try an online search for the brand).

Important: We’re not responsible for links to pages outside of our website, nor data processed by the companies with which you register. Please see our website terms and conditions for details.

Usually, you’ll need:

  • the model number or name of the item
  • the serial number (usually found on the back or side of items, or on their original box)
  • the approximate date you got it, and sometimes the price
  • some ask for proof of purchase, but not all
  • personal details like name and contact details.

Manufacturer list


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