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Meet David. He’s a West Midlands resident in his eighties and was concerned about being safe at home.

He’s one of the thousands of people we help every year with one of our Safe and Well visits.

Those who are most vulnerable to fire and other risks at home often aren’t as confident or as steady as they used to be.

Our free visits include checking or fitting smoke alarms, as well as safety at home and on the roads, mobility and lifestyle, home security and more.

The same firefighters who respond to 999 calls also help people like Dave stay safe at home. With their permission, we’ll call on other organisations like the council if they need any specialist support.

Some of our staff can communicate in sign language and we can fit alarms linked to vibrating pillow pads and strobes for people with hearing issues.

Safe and Well visits are a big part of our work making the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier – hit the button below to book one for yourself, a relative, a friend or someone you care for.

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Meet Ian. He’s the owner of ‘Chas Mann’, a motorcycle shop in Kings Norton, Birmingham.

There was a fire in the shop next door. Although it didn’t affect Ian’s business directly, it did highlight the need to review his fire safety arrangements.

So our firefighters carried out a ‘Safe and Strong’ visit at ‘Chas Mann’. They were able to give Ian tailored fire prevention advice and ensure that, should the worst happen, there was a plan in place.

Our ‘Safe and Strong’ visits are all about trying to stop a fire starting in the first place – by not overloading electrical sockets, for example, or separating sources of ignition from combustible materials. They also cover general housekeeping and arson prevention.

The free advisory service is available to all West Midlands businesses, but with a focus on smaller independent ones that might not have access to paid services or advice.

Booking a ‘Safe and Strong visit’ is as easy as getting in touch with your local fire station and agreeing a convenient time. Click the button below to find out more!

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Meet Jakob. He’s from Birmingham and took part in one of our ‘Every Choice Counts’ sessions.

The tailor-made bespoke presentation is aimed at young drivers and passengers aged between 16-25 years old. The aim of the experience is to encourage young people to develop their own ways to handle risky situations, as well as becoming a responsible driver/passenger.

The virtual reality training puts the young driver behind the wheel and presents them with several different scenarios, forcing them to make decisions. The presentation then also covers the ‘Fatal Four’ (speeding, mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts and drink/drug-driving), peer pressure and coping strategies.

Through this avenue of prevention work, we aim to reduce the number of young drivers involved in road traffic collisions, by educating them on how they can make themselves and their passengers safer when behind the wheel.

If you would like to book onto the course, or simply find out some more information about our Road Casualty Reduction Team, click the button below.

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