Evacuation Chair

Course overview

What is the course for?

This ½ day course gives delegates a basic knowledge of the safe use, limitations and dangers when using an Evacuation chair.

At the end of the course delegates will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to safely use the Evacuation chair in all situations.

Who is this course for?

Staff designated to assist with the evacuation of people with mobility problems

What qualifications or assessments are there?

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course Content
  • Introduction to emergency evacuation plans
  • Practical use of evacuation chair
  • Limitation of use of safety considerations

Course dates

This course is run on demand.
Please contact our team for costs and availability

Need more information?

Train the Trainer Course

A ‘Train the  Trainer’ course is available for this subject which is twice length of the normal course and slightly more expensive

It covers the same basic elements but also qualifies the delegate, upon successful completion, to train others in the use & operation of the Evac chair.

Dates for the Train the Trainer courses are shown above with other the standard courses.