West Midlands Fire Service to send more equipment to Ukraine

WMFS join other FRSs in providing further support to Ukraine



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Published on 23 April 2024

West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) is sending more resources to support firefighting colleagues in Ukraine.

Six members of WMFS staff have volunteered to drive two fire engines, which will be donated. They’ll contain equipment including ladders, thermal imaging cameras and hoses, previously used by firefighters across the West Midlands.

One of the engines was used at Northfield and Bournbrook stations, and the other at Coventry. Both have been recently replaced with newer models.

Since the escalation in 2022 of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, colleagues from UK fire and rescue services (FRSs), FIRE AID, the National Fire Chiefs Council, UK International Search and Rescue, the Home Office and the Fire Industry Association have come together to help Ukrainian colleagues.

Nearly 90 vehicles and more than 190,000 items of fire and rescue equipment have been donated to date.

The latest convoy contains 30 vehicles and equipment, sourced from several UK FRSs.

WMFS Chief Executive Oliver Lee said: “I’m extremely proud of those WMFS staff who have volunteered to join this latest convoy, made up of vehicles and equipment that are much needed by colleagues in Ukraine.

A fire engine adorned with a Ukraine flag
Chief Executive Officer Oliver Lee OBE

Oliver Lee

Chief Executive

Our thoughts remain with everyone whose lives have been devastated by the ongoing conflict.

“The donations, which are all surplus to requirements, will allow firefighters to provide vital emergency response when Ukrainian people need it most. We very much hope to be able to support future convoys.”

Crew Manager Craig Donnelly has coordinated this latest WMFS contribution. He said: “This has been another collective effort amongst several teams and departments across WMFS, providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

“Everyone involved should be proud of their efforts. The preparation across several organisations for the largest convoy yet shows what can be achieved through joint working.

“We wish our six volunteer drivers well and look forward to seeing them when they’re back.”