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Reassurance for high-rise residents

By 15th December 2020February 5th, 2021No Comments
Fire engine with firefighters and an ambulance technician outside a highrise block

Residents of high-rise building in Solihull are being reassured about the safety of their home following a sixth-floor fire. 

The incident at Redwood House in Kingshurst, on the evening of 5 December, was attended by 11 fire crews. The design of the building and fire safety measures meant, however, that the severe fire was successfully contained to the flat in which it started.

Fire engine with firefighters and an ambulance technician outside a highrise block

The 12-storey block contains 66 flats for elderly residents. Some residents decided to leave their homes during the incident and then had to be led to safety by firefighters. But others who decided to ‘stay put’ remained safe and their homes were unaffected. 

Area Commander Samantha Burton, of West Midlands Fire Service, said: “The front door to the affected flat stopped the fire and contained it within. Only the communal area outside suffered minor smoke damage.  

“Our Fire Safety Officers have been carrying out further investigations since the incident and have found the same fire safety measures throughout the building.  

We would like to reassure residents that the building’s ‘stay put’ policy is fit for purpose and that the built-in aspects of fire protection are sound. 

“We would like to thank those residents who did stay in their homes. This meant that our fire crews could focus on tackling the fire and concluding the incident aquickly and as safely as possible.” 

Fire safety inspections have found that the building is wellmaintained, complies with fire legislation and has high standards of fire protection.

Last month, Solihull Community Housing (SCH) announced that it is to fit fire sprinklers throughout its high-rise housing stock in the borough. 

Added Area Commander Burton: We recognise and welcome Solihull Community Housing’s continued investment in fire safety. Their installation of sprinklers throughout their high-rise premises will dramatically reduce the risk from fire to both their residents and any of our firefighters who need to respond to any incidents.

“Since the Redwood House incident on 5 December we have continued to liaise closely with SCH and want residents to feel safe and reassured. Anyone who would like us to advise on fire safety in their own flat just needs to contact us via their housing representative and we will be in touch. 

We’ll be continuing to work closely with residents and SCH in 2021, to ensure that the high fire safety standards which proved so effective in this instance continue.” 

Residents are being urged to get into the habit of having a night-time routine to help prevent fire  

  • if you have any concerns, raise them as soon as you can with your landlord 
  • turn off appliances and equipment like cookers and TVs which don’t need power overnight 
  • close internal doors, which can help to stop fire spreading 
  • fully extinguish smoking materials such as cigarettes and matches, and candles, before you go to bed 
  • charge items such a mobile phones and tablets during the day, when you can keep an eye on them. 

In addition: 

  • make sure you know the escape plan for your particular building – your landlord has a legal duty to give you a copy, so ask for one if you haven’t had it 
  • keep exits clear – in your own flat and in shared areas 
  • never wedge a fire door open 
  • don’t make changes to your flat’s front door without seeking advice from the managing agency 
  • keep corridors and stairwells clear and sterile, eg do not dump rubbish or old furniture there 
  • if you have any concerns, raise them as soon as you can with your landlord. 

For further high-rise safety advice, visit: