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No need to speed

By 16th November 2020February 5th, 2021No Comments
A car's speedometer

West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) is supporting this year’s BRAKE National Road Safety Week 2020 (16- 22 Nov 2020).

This year’s campaign focuses on the ‘what, why and where’ of speed – and the wide-ranging impacts it can have on different people in different environments.

Road safety week no need to speed graphic

Peter Allington, of WMFS’s Road Casualty Reduction Team, said; “We work closely with local road safety partners to coordinate our road safety prevention activities.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions across the West Midlands by 40% over the next 10 years, as set out in the West Midlands Regional Road Safety Strategy.

“We fully support BRAKE’s ‘No Need To Speed’ campaign. We would urge all drivers to drive safely, within the speed limit or road conditions. This is especially important where there are more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooter riders.”

Slower traffic can make places feel more welcoming for the people who live, work, and play in them. Choosing, for example, to walk or cycle to get around can also bring health, fitness and wellbeing benefits.

Did you know?

Almost a quarter of road traffic collisions involve someone who was driving too fast (Source: Department for Transport 2020)

Every year, more than 3,000 children and young people aged 0-17 are killed or suffer life-changing injuries on Britain’s roads Department of Transport, 2019)

Road traffic collisions are the biggest killer of children and young people aged 5-29 worldwide (Source: World Health Organisation, 2019)

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