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E-scoot safely!

By 28th May 2021No Comments
A firefighter with an e-scooter and safety poster

Firefighters in Birmingham are urging users of Voi scooters to stay safe and be mindful of other road users and pedestrians.

The call comes as a trial of the two-wheeled e-scooters takes place in the city.

A firefighter with an e-scooter and safety poster

A safety campaign launched by Bournbrook Fire Station will be targeting riders, including students at The University of Birmingham which is on the station’s patch.

Firefighter Jack Hunter, of Bournbrook Blue Watch, said: “The e-scooters are a convenient and eco-friendly way of getting around, but need to be ridden and parked correctly and safely.

“It’s illegal to ride them on a pavement, where there’s a clear risk of colliding with someone. Parking them incorrectly can also cause a hazard for people trying to walk by.

“We’re definitely seeing the scooters around more often. Younger people are already more likely to be involved in road traffic collisions, so that’s why we’ll be trying to reach them with some simple e-scooter safety tips.”

Posters and social media graphics will target students at the university and other e-scooter riders with six safety messages:

Only Voi e-scooters are currently road-legal
Don’t drink and ride
Always wear a helmet
No tandem riding
Use the beginner mode to limit the speed if you’re a new user
Use the dedicated parking zones where possible.

More details can be found at and on the Voi website.