What to do if your clothes catch fire

  • Remember: STOP! DROP! ROLL!
  • don’t run around – you’ll make the flames worse
  • lie on the floor and roll around – it makes it harder for the flames to spread
  • smother the flames with a heavy material, like a coat or blanket

First aid for burns

  • run lots of cool water over the burn for 10-15 minutes (no longer than 10 min for a baby)
  • once cooled, remove any outer clothing but don’t remove any that’s right next to the skin, which might be sticking to it – this should be done by a paramedic, doctor or nurse
  • if the burn starts to hurt again, cool it with more running water
  • don’t touch the burn or any burst blisters
  • don’t apply creams, oitments, butter or margarine
  • loosley cover the burn with cling film or clean, non-fluffy material to help stop it getting infected (but don’t put cling film on the face or head). You could also use a clean plastic bag or pillow case, or something similar. Keep the covering loose, because burns can swell
  • call 999 for an ambulance if necessary, or get advice from your doctor, A&E department at your local hospital, or NHS Direct by phoning 111
  • if the burn is bigger than a postage stamp, or on your face, hands, feet, joints or genitals, get advice as soon as you can from a doctor.

Ever thought about doing a first aid course?

It’s a great idea to get some basic first aid training, or to brush up on what you already know. Follow this link to book a First Aid Course

The British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and your local NHS Ambulance Service run courses.

Or ask your health visitor, at your doctor’s surgery or a local children’s centre.