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19073 – Arson / deliberate fire incidents Trescott Rd, Birmingham

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Ref: FOI/19073


West Midlands Fire Service has now completed its search for the information requested on 4th June 2019

Please find below a summary of our findings.


  • Incidence of arson / deliberate fire in the locality of Trescott Rd, Birmingham.i.e how many incidences of reported arson have been recorded within 2-5 miles of the school site over the last 20 years


In the last 20 years (01/01/2000 to 31/05/2019) there were a total of 18,887 recorded fires categorised as deliberate within a 5 mile radius of the address provided.  Within a 2 mile radius there were a total of 6,727 deliberate fire. Please note that these figures includes all deliberate primary and secondary fires recorded during the requested period in includes all property types e.g. buildings, cars, bins, scrub/grass fires etc.  In addition, due to the way that deliberate fires were historically defined means that this figure may be higher than expected.


  • Fires in other schools in the locality (in the last 5 years)e how many incidences of fires within schools have been recorded within 2-5 miles of the school site over the last 5 years


Over the last 5 years there has been a total of 34 fires at educational premises within a 5 mile radius of the address provided. Of these 2 were classed as deliberate and the remaining 32 were classed as accidental.  Within a 2 mile radius there were 5 recorded fires at educational premises of which 1 was deliberate and 4 were accidental.

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