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19085 – Aerial appliances

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Ref: FOI/19085


I am writing to confirm that the West Midlands Fire Service has now completed its search for the information you requested on 5th July 2019.

Please find below a summary of our findings.


How many aerial appliances do you have and of this number how many are primary crewed and how many are jump-crewed?


West Midlands Fire Service has 5 HPs/aerials including one reserve HP/aerial – All HPs/aerials are dual crewed in line with West Midlands Fire Services response model.


How many stations other than those where the aerial is based are trained to operate an aerial appliance?


Currently, we do not have HPs/aerials trained individuals at other locations to where those resources are based.


Are your aerial appliances mobilised just on request or are they also part of a Pre-determined attendance (PDA)?


There are no PDA which include HPs/aerials appliances. HPs/aerials will be mobilised on request of the Incident Commander or if the FC Operator deems necessary through dynamic mobilising assessment.


Please may you provide a list of all incidents where an aerial was sent from the period of 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2018. Please include the following:

Home station
basic location of incident (not full address)
Incident type
Incident sub-type
property sub-type
time sent
time arrived
time left incident
duration at incident in minutes
type of use at incident (water tower, access, observation tower, rescue)
basic incident details (i.e. roof of derelict building alight)


Please see attached.

Incidents attended by Aerials 1.0 Download

Where there were several attendances by HPs/aerials at the same incident (whether the same returned or more than one was in attendance), there is one row per attendance. These are highlighted.

Also, it is not possible to ascertain what the HP/aerial was doing at the incident without reading and trying to decipher the entire log for each incident this would take us over the appropriate time limit, if you still require this information please let me know and I will issue you with a fees notice.

The ward the incident was in indicates it location

This includes incidents in other FRS areas, however we don’t have a lot of details on those.

If you have any queries about this freedom of information request, please contact us.  Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

For service complaints, issues or comments regarding this request please contact The Public Relations Department, West Midlands Fire Service, 99 Vauxhall Road, Birmingham, B7 4HW

Further information concerning Freedom of Information requests can be found on the Information Commissioner website at either the following link: or at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF