Don’t crash or burn!

By April 11, 2017News
A firefighter at the scene of a car fire

We’re pleased to be hosting the UK’s first ever conference outlining the links between youth unemployment, accidental fires in the home and road traffic collisions.

Our research shows a clear relationship between poverty and deprivation, accidental dwelling fires (ADFs), and road traffic collisions (RTCs).

We’re extending an invitation to this event to anyone concerned with youth welfare – and to explore our findings to develop possible solutions.

Logos of organisations involved with the conference‘Saving young lives: Don’t crash or burn’ will:

  • provide a chance to hear about our research into the links between youth unemployment, those killed and seriously injured on our roads, and accidental dwelling fires among young people aged 16-24
  • raise awareness about important trends across hot spot areas in the West Midlands
  • highlight connections between unemployment, road traffic collisions and domestic fires
  • increase awareness of the data and how it can inform funding and decision making
  • share information that could enable you to engage more effectively with young people and extend the preventative aspects of your work
  • give the opportunity to share your professional views and provide feedback.

Watch Commander Andy Gillespie, of our Road Casualty Reduction Team, said: “The findings from this research, spearheaded by The Future Melting Pot, reveal clear links between poverty and deprivation, accidental fires in the home and road traffic collisions.

“We’re here to make the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier with a particular focus on our more vulnerable communities. This event will provide an opportunity to come together with existing and new partners to share the research findings in more detail and to consider a plan of action.

“The Future Melting Pot’s ongoing work complements our own, evidence-based work in many ways. These latest findings have helped us to identify a specific target group among young male drivers.

“The work carried out by The Future Melting Pot has also helped us not only to identify road safety ‘hotspot’ locations, where we can target projects, but also to forge valuable partnerships with other agencies, organisations and charities with a common agenda.”

Estella Edwards, Chief Executive of The Future Melting Pot, said: “Our multi-agency study shows that people living in some of Birmingham’s poorer and deprived areas are at a higher risk of being involved in road traffic collisions than those from more affluent parts of the city. Young men aged 16 to 24 are especially vulnerable.

“The conference will be give an opportunity to people and organisations concerned with young people’s employment and wellbeing to come together, identify solutions and find a way forward.”

The 2 June event is aimed at local authority policy makers, road safety officials, influencers in road safety and accidental dwelling fires, police, community safety and public health practitioners, academics, businesses and others.

Key speakers:

  • Des Prichard, former Chief Officer of East Sussex Fire Authority
  • Councillor Brett O’Reilly, Cabinet Member for Jobs and Skills
  • Professor Steve Garner, Head of Sociology and Criminology at Birmingham City University.
  • EstellaEdwards, CEO of The Future Melting Pot


Room C087 Curzon Building
Birmingham City University
Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD

2 June 2017

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