Freedom of Information

We pride ourselves on our transparency and openness, and take extremely seriously our responsibility under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As well as making sure we comply with all regulations, we try to go further where we can.

Our Documents section also contains useful publications to view and download.

Use our FOI link below to search for existing requests. If you require information that isn’t already published, you can request it below.


Our Documents section, also known as our publication scheme, houses all the information we make available to the public. We use categories (or classes) of information as provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office, to organise our documents in line with other government organisations.

All of our documents are available in print, too – documents under 50 pages are free, and documents of 50 pages or over cost £5.

Click the button below to go to our document’s page, which contain all our published documents that are available online.