UK-ISAR - International Search & Rescue

To contact the UK International Search & Rescue Team please ring Sean Moore on 0121 380 7723.

The United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team (UK-ISAR) is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to humanitarian accidents or disasters anywhere in the world.

Disasters and accidents can happen at any time and anywhere in the world, often without warning. There is a need for professional teams that can deploy rapidly and undertake effective search and rescue operations. The UK International Search and Rescue Team is one of the teams registered with the United Nations that can provide such a service. The team has, over the last 18 years, successfully carried out search, rescue and relief missions all over the world.

West Midlands UK-ISAR

There are 18 team members in West Midland Fire Services UK-ISAR. They are headed up by UK-ISAR Operations Commander Sean Moore.

The remaining 17 members form a Red Team and a Blue Team.  The role of the team is to respond to support the UK Government when deploying personnel and equipment in response to international disasters such as an earthquakes.

When on international call, we will send a team of six including the team leader from one of the groups and a Group Commander to act as the Operations Commander or Deployment Commander in charge of the UK International Serach & Rescue Group (UKISARG).

The team should arrive in the affected country within 24 hours of the disaster occurring and be self sufficient for periods of up to 10 days.. Extensive specialist training over and above that normally required for firefighters is given to all team members.

ISAR Business Plan 2008/11