Safety tops the bill

Safety tops the bill for secondary school pupils

Birmingham drama students are helping to throw the spotlight on safety issues for West Midlands secondary school pupils, as part of a link-up between Safeside and the Birmingham School of Acting.

Key Stage 3 pupils who take part in the Lifeskills programme at Safeside ( are getting an added dose of realism thanks to scenarios acted out by members of BSA, which is part of Birmingham City University.

The course covers personal, fire, water, road and home safety, along with issues to do with drugs, alcohol, internet safety, bullying and the consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Participants encounter the scenarios during a tour of Safeside - complete with its own full-size house, a working street crossing, car, canal and train - led by the centre’s own team of trained presenters.

The mini dramas feature young people making under-age purchases, a fight in a dark alley, anti-social behaviour on a double-decker bus and a court appearance. The actors are taking a BA (Hons) course in Applied Performance (Community and Education).

“We’re delighted to be working with the Birmingham School of Acting in this way, spreading important safety messages to West Midlands secondary school pupils,” said Rob Hattersley, Safeside’s Education Co-ordinator.

"In developing their own skills and expertise in community theatre, the degree students are adding an exciting element to our Lifeskills programme, challenging pupils who visit us to think through the consequences of various behaviours and decisions. The standard of the scenarios they’ve developed is very impressive and the impact on pupils is huge. We’d like to thank them for all their hard work.”

The Lifeskills tour runs on most Tuesdays during term time, and covers a significant section of the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum at Key Stage 3. A non-acted version, called NGAGE, is also available at any time. To enquire about making a booking, teachers can phone 0121 380 6429 or e-mail


Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 15:45