Future Contract Opportunities

Laundry Provision

West Midlands Fire Service is seeking a company to provide a rental and laundry service. The contract will be for a period of four years commencing the 8th October 2014.

The rental items include bath towels, tea towels, and aprons for 41 Fire Service locations. From February 2017 red coveralls and red dust coats will be required for the Transport Engineering Workshop only (TEW), these garments must be dry cleaned. Other items sent for laundry include, but are not limited to, fleeces, trousers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hi-viz jerkins/coats, replica fire tunics and trousers, cooks clothing, oven gloves, dish cloths, dusters, coveralls, tablecloths, and webbing.

Collections/deliveries are required weekly for Fire Stations, Headquarters and Fire Service Academy and three times per week at TEW. Fire Service locations can be viewed at http://www.wmfs.net/content/your-fire-service.

Form of Tender for Goods (Instruction to Tenderers)
Laundry Provision - Appendix 1 & 2
Laundry Provision - Appendix 3

Closing date for tender submission: 5th August 2014.

HR – Temporary Agency Staff

West Midlands Fire Service is looking for a group of suppliers to provide temporary support staff as and when required. Suppliers wishing to be accepted onto an approved list must complete the attached application.

The Approved Supplier list will categorise each type of employment type and Service Providers are required to state in the application which category they can provide workers for. Appointment Managers will be allowed to select the Providers they wish to invite to submit CV’s. No guarantees are given that all Service Providers will get the opportunity to submit CV’s

Staff requirements include, but are not limited to, ICT – (to include programmers, web developers, mobile app developers, Helpdesk operators), Administration, HR Advisors, Occupational Health, Payroll, Call Handling, Finance, Procurement, Cleaners, Cooks, Project Management.

West Midlands Fire Service employ approximately 1440 fire fighters and 500 support staff. The West Midlands Fire Service covers the council areas of Coventry, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall.

Temporary Agency Staff Approved List

Questions and Answers (updated 21st July 2014)

Initial applications for the first 12 months closes on the 1st August 2014; this will be reviewed annually.

Operational Equipment – Reciprocating Saws

West Midlands Fire Service is seeking a supplier of reciprocating saws. The winning contractor will be required to provide a 3 year warranty of the saws. maintenance for a minimum of 3 years also.

The saws are used at variety of operational incidents including but not limited to: Road Traffic Collisions (to cut windscreens and other car parts), at commercial fires (to cut roller shutter doors), to cut general timber after a fire, cutting general metal material such as railings, and cutting composite domestic door to gain access.

As part of the tender, samples will be required to be submitted for practical evaluations. This will take part over a 2 day session where operational crews will test saws in a controlled environment which replicates the types of incidents that WMFS respond to.

Further details including terms and conditions can be found in the documentation below.

Form of Tender for Goods (Instructions to Tenderers)
Reciprocating Saws Return Label
Reciprocating Saws Sample Returns Label