Fire Engineering Services

Technical design support & code consultancy

When it comes to building design, we understand the importance of a creative vision and strive to offer appropriate design freedoms to our clients. Our experts will be there to assure you and to provide the best design solutions to ensure your building complies with building regulations and fire legislation, without the need for complexity.

Specialised fire safety design

You may find you are faced with individual challenges that require fire engineered solutions. Using their unique insights, experience and expertise, our engineers can help overcome these specialist problem areas.

Holistic solutions

Whatever the objective is, we’ll work to provide bespoke solutions that support fire legislation as well as the vision. With cost in mind, our engineers aim to innovatively utilise existing fire safety measures.

Computer modelling for Fire and Evacuation

Advanced software is used to highlight risk and visually demonstrate fire strategies. Using deterministic, probabilistic and comparative techniques we are able to safeguard people, property and the environment against fire.

Production of fire strategies

Complete engineered fire strategies are available for buildings that don’t meet prescriptive guidance. Using the advanced approach of BS9999 or first principles fire engineering, we will work with you to provide bespoke solutions that will satisfy Building Regulations.

Strategic advice on Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Audits

Well versed in fire risk assessment and audits, our engineers can provide supporting guidance, reassurance and advice on fire risk to ensure that your company complies with legislation. This provides you with two levels of safety, a safe building and a company safe from the attention of enforcing bodies.

Expert witness

With a wealth of expert knowledge, industry experience and a proven track record, our Fire Engineers are available to provide assistance in cases where Fire Safety expertise is required.

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